Tay - Drums     

Band History and Bio:

     The band started in August, 2002 as a three-piece with me (Jake) on guitar and lead vocals, Ryan on bass and back up vocals, and Brian on drums and back up vocals. We recorded a demo in October that we passed out for free to kids at shows. We played our first two shows as a three-piece that November with Thought Riot and Toxic Narcotic. We decided that we needed a fourth member to complete the line up, and to add to better live show performances. we found playing shows as a three-piece to be difficult.

     In December we recruited our long time friend Derek to play guitar. This way we could have me doing vocals only during live shows. Things were going great with Derek but due to his other band and personal reasons he had to leave. We are still great friends with Derek and it was in no way hostile. We wish him the best of luck. When Derek was in the process of leaving, we started becoming friends with Ricky, who played guitar and was the only punk kid we knew that wasn't in a band. He was the perfect fit and we immediately began teaching him songs.

     Derek played his last show with us in February 2003, and after that Ricky officially became our new guitarist. In March 2003, we went into the studio for the first time to record "Passion For Destruction EP." Even though Ricky was in the band, we had to record as a three piece without him because he didn't know the songs well enough yet. We finished the CD and self-released it. It was sold at our shows and through mail order. The CD had a great response and our name started to become recognized around San Diego.

     We finished teaching Ricky songs and throughout 2003 we were constantly playing shows as a four piece in San Diego with A Global Threat, The Virus, Lower Class Brats, Clit 45, Cheap Sex, Strap Onz, Endless Struggle, and many more. In August 2003 Mark Unseen heard our CD and decided to give us a deal with his label A.D.D. Records.

     We began playing more shows outside of San Diego in the fall/winter of 2003 while getting ready to record our full length. Some of the shows were with The Virus in Reno, Cheap Sex in Corona, and Defiance in Reno and Salt Lake City. We ended the year by recording our debut full length "Finding Freedom In Hopelessness" that was due to come out on A.D.D. Records. We recorded this full length in only two days, with Jeff at Double Time Studio in El Cajon, CA. We finished up all of the mixing and mastering and sent the master copy to Mark. However, due to problems with the layout and the pressing plant, the cd wasnt completed and in stores until September of 2004.

     During the 9 months we were waiting for the cd to be completed, we had some of our most amazing shows to date. March of 2004 brought us a show with The Unseen, The Virus, and Cheap Sex in Pomona at The Glass House, as well as a show with The Casualties and A Global Threat. In July we had a two day stint with The Knox from Boston; we played San Francisco, CA and Madera, CA. In August of 2004 we had a few shows with The Dregs of Salt Lake City, we played Pheonix AZ, Santa Cruz CA, Madera CA, and Stockton CA.

     In September of 2004 the cds arrived and became available in stores. We were extremely happy with how everything turned out, and could not have asked for a better deal than the one we got with Mark/A.D.D. Records. The cd received a great response and we ended 2004 by playing more shows around the west coast to promote it. We played with The UK Subs in Corona, as well as shows in Arizona and around California.

     In the beginning of 2005 we played many shows around the west coast to help promote the release of our first full length. In August, we went on our first tour with local friends Cheap Sex. The tour was two weeks long and went all over the west coast to California, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. The Havoc joined up with us on the second week of the tour as well. Overall the tour went extremely well and everyone had a blast.

     When we returned home we left for another tour the next month with Career Soldiers favorites’ The Unseen and A Global Threat. This tour started on the west coast, worked its way across the south to Florida, and then up the east coast all the way to Boston hitting many states in between. The tour fucking ruled and we got to play and go to many areas all over the east coast that none of us had been to. Not to mention we got to watch some of our favorite bands play every night of the tour. When we returned from this 5 week endeavor in October, we took brake from touring and played random shows throughout the west coast until next year.

     In early 2006 we got offered a 6 week full U.S. tour that included some dates in Canada with another Career Soldiers favorite Clit 45. In mid April we began the cross country drive from California all the way to Albany, New york which was where the tour started. Gas prices were high and we lost a lot of money on the drive out there. The first few shows on the east coast had extremely low turn outs that were bumming everyone out and making the money situation even worse. After the first week or so the tour started to pick up though, and as we moved west show turnouts were increasing. Once we were in the north west we drove into Canada and played our fist shows outside the U.S. in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. After that we headed down the west coast toward home with the last show of tour in Los Angeles. In the end the tour went really well and we had an awesome time with Clit 45.

     We returned home from tour in late May, 2006 and had to take some time off in the summer due to jobs that involved being away from San Diego, resulting in the four of us being apart and unable to play shows. We finished writing our new album “Loss of Words” which is scheduled to be released in early 2007. We have had an amazing time so far and have plans for more touring in the future. Thanks to everyone that has given us their support in any way. See you on the road.

-Jake, August, 2006